Private (Semi Private) sessions

Your Private or Semi Private session option, serves to work on specific requirements for your body. Your first choice when it comes to rehabilitation. Recommended before you enter your Pilates classes.


Assessing your Posture is key to your success. This one on one time gives you insight and a solid foundation to build an effective Pilates practice on. It definitely propels you forward in understanding your body and moving with purpose. It's also a true gift to yourself as a periodic check in. 

The Gift of Feedback
Your feedback is important to me. If my services ever do not shape up, please take the time to communicate this with me Maintaining standards and evolving is my priority, your input is a gift!
Group classes

In a Nia class I can take up to 7 people.
In a Pilates class I take a maximum of 9 people, assuring you good care and attention to each of your bodies.

You positive experience at Think Silver, is a priority! I have therefore chosen a great booking system that allows you easy online payment and online booking of your classes. For your first class go straight to
Online classes - Coming soon!

We are busy developing our online class membership. Watch the space!

Maintaining high Standards

is our priority when serving you.

Shared values and standards maintains
a beautiful environment. Keep reading
to see if Think Silver is a match for you.

The cleanliness of our studio and equipment is a priority for us and we would be grateful if you would let us know if at any time we do not shape up. As a courtesy to fellow clients and to our Practitioners, we ask that all clients make personal hygiene, particularly clean feet, a similar priority, and thank you for your understanding in this sensitive matter.
Our method is very hands on so please wear something that is comfortable, allowing you to move freely but that also allows us to see your body clearly.

In fairness to all our clients, we try to keep strictly to session times and we cannot extend your session if you are late. We ask that you arrive 5 minutes before your class so that you have time to change and settle in. The classes are carefully structured to maximize the benefit to your body. Please bear in mind that it is disruptive to the Instructor and fellow participants if you arrive late.

Please make sure that your cell phone is on either off or on silent during classes. This is your time to relax. With regard for the attendees that are sharing class with you, answering of phone calls in the class space is not acceptable. Should there be an emergency, let your instructor know and you are welcome to keep your phone on silent with you and take the call outside of the studio.

Because of the demand for REGULAR training times and limited space, clients will be charged for missed appointments/absences. Unfortunately, no exceptions.

A 48hr cancellation policy applies if you wish to receive a "make-up" session for a missed class. The make-up will, can be utilized within the same calendar month and you can choose from the class schedule where there is space available. If a make-up is scheduled and cancelled by a client another make-up for that missed session will not be offered.

For periods of absence (i.e. holidays, studies, other commitments), a two week notice period would be appreciated so that alternative arrangements can be made to fill your slots. Unfortunately we are unable to reserve these slots unless a 50% retainer is paid, otherwise the slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. These Terms & Conditions have been aligned to standard industry practice for Pilates as well as Dance studios etc.

The studio is generally closed on public holidays. In the case of illness, continuing education, or personal commitment, on the Pilates Practitioner's part, every attempt to find a replacement Practitioner will be made. Clients will be notified well in advance of any foreseen absences.

Payment is required monthly, in advance, by the 1st of each month.

Increase of fees – In order to keep in line with fluctuating inflation rates, we reserve the right to increase our fees annually, in accordance with the current inflation rate. Clients will be notified of any increase one month in advance of such increase.

Except in exceptional circumstances (as agreed by both the Pilates Practitioner and Client) 30 days notice of termination of training will be required.